Honor & Memorial
The Baker family has sponsored
the rescue of Bella in memory of
Wilma Rose
The For information on
sponsoring an animal please
A donation has been made to honor
the life of Mary Sutton. She would
have celebrated her birthday July
24,2013. She was a wonderful
Mum, who loved all animals. Mary
had a special love for cats. She is
very missed and loved.
A donation has been made in memory of
Hannah. Hannah was rescued by Luv-A-Pet
in 2006 with 2 puppies. She was adopted
by a wonderful couple. She enjoyed a
happy life with her humans and companion
Penny.  Hannah will be greatly missed.
A donation has been made to Luv-A-Pet in
memory of Coco. Coco lived a very meaningful
life with her family and passed at 14 years
and 7 months. She gave her family
happiness,love and companionship. She spent
her free time volunteering at Assisted Living
as a therapy dog. She brought light into
everyone's world. More dogs will be saved in
her memory.
Valentine was one of Luv-A-Pet's
fosters. She was very loved by
her adoptive family. She was
born 12/16/04 and passed on
2/08/14. She will be forevr
missed. We will continue to
rescue in her honor.
Heaven has gained a beautiful angel.
Joyce Lovell Riddle was a woman who
instilled the love of animals into her
children. Luv-A-Pet is truly grateful to
her for giving us the joy and pleasure of
her "baby girl."

Thank you Brenda for devoting so much of
your life to rescuing animals. We love you.
had severe demodex. She healed and was
adopted. She was quickly returned
because she was "aggressive" towards
children.  Her demodex came back, and
by the time she healed her foster family
adopted her. She spent the next 5 years
helping to raise 2 human baby boys. She
taught them about kindness, puppy kisses
and love. Her final lesson was about loss
her family's hearts.
much joy, love and inspiration to
Luv-A-Pet. Caroline was a lifelong
rescuer. She has rescued deer,
raccoons and 400 cats. We will
continue to rescue in her memory.